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Head Office: 2nd Floor, Above Kovil Restaurant, Sigra, Varanasi (U.P.) India


Varanasi is one of the holiest, one of the oldest and it is by far one of the most fascinating destinations not only in India but in the world also Known as “Kashi” or “Banaras” this holy city is located in the southeastern part of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Legend has it that the first Shiva Jyotirlinga emanated from the earth in this city and flared straight into the sky. This is why Varanasi is also known as Kashi or “the City of Temples”.

Varanasi is situated between two ancient rivers, first Varuna and second Assi. By amalgamating “Varuna” and “Assi” thus, the name Varanasi came into existence.

This city has a different experience to offer for different visitors. Galliyan is the soul of Banaras with its eccentricities,

lingo, the people living in it peppered with the exple-tive-ridden language of the Part of the town. To witness the heavenly beauty of the pious ghats “Subah-e-Banaras” is a transcending experience of how life starts with devotion and spirituality.

This city has its own character and many have fallen hopelessly in love with it.

Many books and movies have managed to capture the spirit and essence of the city in its purest form. This vibe of piousness is peculiar of the city of Varanasi. That’s why it is believed that on dying here, you will be guaranteed a place in heaven. Thus, it is hardly a surprise why Varanasi is so important to Hinduism.


Dhairya is constantly working for the development and shaping of land as well as contributing in the progress and growth of the nation. In the commercial segment, the company has developed apartments, starred category hotels and office spaces. Next in the line is the development of IT Parks in metros. Dhairya is all set to foray in the area of development of residential complex and cafes.


Within very less time, Dhairya has emerged as one of the players that have carved its path in the real estate business. With its presence in Uttar Pradesh, it has delivered highly appreciated projects. To continue its upward trajectory, Dhairya is planning to execute quality affordable homes in cities all over Northern India.


Dhairya, a real estate development organization under the leader-ship of Chairperson, Mr.Mohan Chaturvedi , takes pride in its team of avid professionals who have come together to create a network of excellent living spaces . At Dhairya , we are passionate towards creation of aspirational yet functional homes; contemporary yet soulful homes. The organization aims at providing homes that will be rewarding assets for the new age Indian who is striving for international quality of life.

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